{ champion lakes, araluen and huntingdale wedding }

What a beautiful day!

The weather was lovely, the bridal party were happy and the bride NEVER stopped smiling. What more can you ask for as a photographer????

Eva and Mitch decided to meet before their ceremony to pray together which is why the groom is blindfolded in a couple of the photos. It was such a special moment to be a part of! These are just a bare few of my favourites from the day. There were so many beautiful photos to choose from!

Eva & Mitch, thank you so much for inviting me to share it with you! Here is your sneak peek – I hope you love it! XOX

Araluen Wedding 01Araluen Wedding 02Araluen Wedding 03Araluen Wedding 04Araluen Wedding 05Araluen Wedding 06Araluen Wedding 07Araluen Wedding 08Araluen Wedding 09Araluen Wedding 10Araluen Wedding 11Araluen Wedding 12Araluen Wedding 13Araluen Wedding 14Araluen Wedding 15Araluen Wedding 16Araluen Wedding 17Araluen Wedding 18Araluen Wedding 19Araluen Wedding 20Araluen Wedding 21Araluen Wedding 22Araluen Wedding 23Araluen Wedding 24Araluen Wedding 25


{ leighton beach fremantle & salt on the beach wedding }

What a beautiful beach wedding this was! The weather was glorious and the whole day was filled with beautiful little touches. Jade and Yuddy had put such thought and emotion into every detail.

The ceremony was held on leighton beach and the reception was at the Salt on The Beach Restaurant just a few steps away. While we stepped out for photos around Fremantle the rest of the guests stayed to enjoy the sun, the sand and the Mr Whippy Van that the bridal couple had ordered just for them!

Jade & Yuddy here are a few of my favourites from your beautiful day! I hope you love your sneak peek! XOX

Salt On The Beach Leighton Wedding 01Salt On The Beach Leighton Wedding 02Salt On The Beach Leighton Wedding 03Salt On The Beach Leighton Wedding 04Salt On The Beach Leighton Wedding 05Salt On The Beach Leighton Wedding 06Salt On The Beach Leighton Wedding 07Salt On The Beach Leighton Wedding 08Salt On The Beach Leighton Wedding 09Salt On The Beach Leighton Wedding 10Salt On The Beach Leighton Wedding 11Salt On The Beach Leighton Wedding 14Salt On The Beach Leighton Wedding 15Salt On The Beach Leighton Wedding 16Salt On The Beach Leighton Wedding 17Salt On The Beach Leighton Wedding 18Salt On The Beach Leighton Wedding 19Salt On The Beach Leighton Wedding 20Salt On The Beach Leighton Wedding 21Salt On The Beach Leighton Wedding 22Salt On The Beach Leighton Wedding 23Salt On The Beach Leighton Wedding 24Salt On The Beach Leighton Wedding 26Salt On The Beach Leighton Wedding 27Salt On The Beach Leighton Wedding 28Salt On The Beach Leighton Wedding 29


Huntingdale Kalamunda Wedding

This was such a gorgeous, relaxed wedding to have been invited to be a part of! This lovely couple are both originally from New Zealand which happens to be one of my favourite parts of the world. Laura moved to WA with her family and Logan followed to be with her. How romantic is that?????!! I feel so very privileged to have been a part of their special day. Here are just a few of my very favourites from a wedding that was absolutely filled with joy, laughter and love. XOX


{ point walter & blackwall reach engagement session }

This was such a lovely session to shoot. I’m really looking forward to seeing this couple again for their wedding next year! They were both so relaxed and just joyful in front of the camera and with each other. Add that to a beautiful, golden, still evening and it makes for beautiful photos!

Guys I hope you really love your sneak peek. I had such fun shooting it! XX

Point Walter Portrait Photography 01Point Walter Portrait Photography 02Point Walter Portrait Photography 03Point Walter Portrait Photography 04Point Walter Portrait Photography 05Point Walter Portrait Photography 06Point Walter Portrait Photography 07Point Walter Portrait Photography 08Point Walter Portrait Photography 09Point Walter Portrait Photography 10

{ little creatures fremantle & huntingdale wedding }

I love, love, love shooting around Fremantle! This was such a special, unique, loving wedding. It couldn’t have been planned better. The bride and groom even managed to stop in at Hush Espresso a quirky little Fremantle cafe for a few minutes of downtime in the middle of their photos.

Nick & Phoebe – here is your sneak peek. A few of my favourite photos from your day. I hope you love them. XX

Little Creatures Fremantle Wedding 01Little Creatures Fremantle Wedding 02Little Creatures Fremantle Wedding 03Little Creatures Fremantle Wedding 04Little Creatures Fremantle Wedding 05Little Creatures Fremantle Wedding 06Little Creatures Fremantle Wedding 07Little Creatures Fremantle Wedding 08Little Creatures Fremantle Wedding 09Little Creatures Fremantle Wedding 10Little Creatures Fremantle Wedding 11Little Creatures Fremantle Wedding 12Little Creatures Fremantle Wedding 13Little Creatures Fremantle Wedding 14Little Creatures Fremantle Wedding 15Little Creatures Fremantle Wedding 16Little Creatures Fremantle Wedding 17Little Creatures Fremantle Wedding 18Little Creatures Fremantle Wedding 19Little Creatures Fremantle Wedding 20Little Creatures Fremantle Wedding 21Little Creatures Fremantle Wedding 22Little Creatures Fremantle Wedding 23Little Creatures Fremantle Wedding 24Little Creatures Fremantle Wedding 25Little Creatures Fremantle Wedding 26Little Creatures Fremantle Wedding 27Little Creatures Fremantle Wedding 28Little Creatures Fremantle Wedding 29Little Creatures Fremantle Wedding 30Little Creatures Fremantle Wedding 31Little Creatures Fremantle Wedding 32Little Creatures Fremantle Wedding 33