Firstly – Here are a few things I believe.

1) That everyone has the right to beautiful photography.

2) That my clients should know UP FRONT what costs they are in for when they hire me to share their day.

3) That people want to be able to share their images online.

I am going to step on a bunch of photographers toes now. I have heard so many people in the industry saying that we shouldn’t give clients digital files. That we should be “educating the clients as to what they SHOULD want”. I think a little bit differently. I believe we should give our clients what they DO want instead. What I believe my clients want are beautiful photographs they can share with their families via email & facebook and can also print for hanging at home.

Don’t get me wrong. I believe in beautiful prints. I deal with professional printing companies and offer my clients canvas and specialty print services ………… but I also give out digital files.

Very few Perth Photographers offer digital images to their clients. Some do but in order to purchase them they require a minimum print purchase. Many do not offer digital images at all.

So why am I offering them?  Simply because I know my clients want them. I realise that there are a multitude of excellent photo labs where the average family can get excellent prints. What the average family can’t get by themselves are professional digital images that showcase their unique personalities. I take my photos with high quality professional equipment and then process them using my skills both as a graphic artist and as a photographer. This is what I love doing and I would love for you to enjoy the advantages of my expertise.

I also want you to be able to enjoy the finest of high quality professional printed products for your showcase photographs. This is why I offer canvas and Ice Mount printing. I can arrange to have your photos printed through several wonderful professional imaging companies onto archival grade canvas or acrylic mounts. The quality of products these companies offer is a world away from the quality you receive from your corner-store canvas prints. They are also surprisingly reasonably priced with 30 x 30cm canvas prints starting from $100.

Ok ……. so on to why you are really here. My pricing.
Remember guys – I want you to know UP FRONT! I’m not offering you a “free shoot” where the first 6×4 image costs you $60 after I have “hooked” you. Frankly – I have 3 children under the age of 7 and they keep me busy enough without chasing down clients with a big stick & a hard sell!

Hold your breath now cause here we go.
A portrait or engagement session for up to 4 people is just $850. Engagement sessions get a 20% discount when booked in conjunction with a Wedding package. Studio newborn sessions get a 15% discount when booked in conjunction with a maternity session. Additional people in the same family are $40 extra per person. Additional extended families can be grouped together but incur a separate booking fee.

This package price includes a 1.5 hour location session at a mutually agreeable location.
You will get a private on-line gallery to proof with a minimum of 100 images.  (You can choose to send the password to this to friends and family.)
From this gallery you pick your favorite 12 images and I give them to you in colour and black and white in a leatherette presentation box on a CD. (…….and you can believe me – these boxes are SWANKY!)

Extra images you might want to purchase are $65 each.

And that’s it! Still with me? Wasn’t so bad now ……… was it?

Ok, ok, I know I didn’t go into wedding pricing. If you drop me an email I will send those to you on pdf. I like to really get to know my brides (and grooms) and it’s an excuse for me to meet you via email!
So drop me a line and I can’t wait until we meet!