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This shoot was loads of fun! We spent it trampling through a golden field at sunset. Reilly & Chris are an emerging duo. Their manager organised this shoot for them as a surprise so the guys didn’t know WHY they were driving south of the river, and for just a moment I think they were […]

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Once a year it comes. Just after winter’s back is broken and the sun begins to shine here in Perth again, the bush land begins to bloom with the local wildflower season. ¬†Near the family home I grew up in is a protected bush park, and every year as kids we walked the paths with […]

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Ok I WAS a graphic designer/illustrator for nearly 10 years. That is the only excuse I can come up with for being so very,¬†extraordinarily, unutterably excited about receiving 200 pieces of paper in the mail today. I have always LOVED good quality business cards. I love the thick ones, I love the creamy ones, I […]

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